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There are still many rumors about the so-called Swiss instant loan without Credit Bureau, and for many, Swiss credit is the perfect solution if, due to their negative Credit Bureau information, they cannot get credit from banks based in Germany. However, there are many half-truths about Swiss credit circulating online that we want to clear up with. 

It is true that the Swiss loan is a loan in which Credit Bureau information does not matter. But that does not mean that every consumer with a negative Credit Bureau can get the Swiss instant credit. Anyone applying for a loan must be creditworthy in order to get the loan. It is no different in Switzerland and abroad.

A person’s creditworthiness is always determined based on several factors. For German banks, Credit Bureau information is important and regular income if you want to get a loan. For foreign banks – including Swiss credit without Credit Bureau – the income of the loan applicant and his permanent position play a central role. This means that people who still get a loan in Germany without attachable own income if they can provide other collateral have no chance with the Swiss instant loan.

Requirements for Swiss credit

Anyone applying for a Swiss loan must be at least 18 years old, provide proof of permanent residence in Germany and a permanent position outside the trial period with regular attachable income. This means that the unemployed, students, Hartz IV recipients as well as the self-employed and freelancers will not get this type of credit because they do not meet the criteria. At this point it becomes clear that the group of people for whom such a loan is in question is already very decimated. If you now take into account how many people there are who have a negative Credit Bureau due to unemployment or the like, it becomes clear that the Swiss loan is in principle only available to a small select group of people as an option. In fact, it is hardly more than three percent of all borrowers who have ever applied for their loan in Switzerland.

Where can I apply for a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau?

Where can I apply for a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau?

Loan seekers who would like to apply for a Swiss instant loan should not contact the bank directly, but rather use a credit intermediary instead. Although there is a direct route via Sigma Kreditbank AG in Liechtenstein, it costs additional money because certified documents have to be submitted. The credit intermediary also has the advantage that there is a so-called preliminary check. If a loan seeker has no chance, the intermediary will not forward the application, so that there are no costs. Nevertheless, the Credit Bureau-free loans, if they come about, are always more expensive than comparable offers from German banks. Firstly, interest rates are higher and secondly, the borrower has to pay a brokerage commission to the credit broker, which is, however, apportioned to the monthly installments. When applying for a loan, the borrowers do not incur any additional costs that must be paid immediately.

Nonetheless, consumers who value low borrowing costs should apply for a loan through a broker without any particular reason. Today everyone can find out about cheap loan offers on corresponding loan comparison portals. A credit broker is only the right partner if Swiss credit without Credit Bureau is the only way to get a loan.

Details on the Swiss instant loan from Liechtenstein

Details on the Swiss instant loan from Liechtenstein

Even today, not every consumer wishing to take out a Swiss loan is aware that this is only a small loan. Sigma Kreditbank AG in Liechtenstein optionally offers German loan seekers 3,500 or 5,000 dollars. This loan has a term of 42 months with 40 installments. Customers are granted a break in payment in the first two months. Borrowers can expect a monthly charge of around $ 100 for a loan of $ 3,500.

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