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There are still many rumors about the so-called Swiss instant loan without Credit Bureau, and for many, Swiss credit is the perfect solution if, due to their negative Credit Bureau information, they cannot get credit from banks based in Germany. However, there are many half-truths about Swiss credit circulating online that we want to clear up with. 

It is true that the Swiss loan is a loan in which Credit Bureau information does not matter. But that does not mean that every consumer with a negative Credit Bureau can get the Swiss instant credit. Anyone applying for a loan must be creditworthy in order to get the loan. It is no different in Switzerland and abroad.

A person’s creditworthiness is always determined based on several factors. For German banks, Credit Bureau information is important and regular income if you want to get a loan. For foreign banks – including Swiss credit without Credit Bureau – the income of the loan applicant and his permanent position play a central role. This means that people who still get a loan in Germany without attachable own income if they can provide other collateral have no chance with the Swiss instant loan.

Requirements for Swiss credit

Anyone applying for a Swiss loan must be at least 18 years old, provide proof of permanent residence in Germany and a permanent position outside the trial period with regular attachable income. This means that the unemployed, students, Hartz IV recipients as well as the self-employed and freelancers will not get this type of credit because they do not meet the criteria. At this point it becomes clear that the group of people for whom such a loan is in question is already very decimated. If you now take into account how many people there are who have a negative Credit Bureau due to unemployment or the like, it becomes clear that the Swiss loan is in principle only available to a small select group of people as an option. In fact, it is hardly more than three percent of all borrowers who have ever applied for their loan in Switzerland.

Where can I apply for a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau?

Where can I apply for a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau?

Loan seekers who would like to apply for a Swiss instant loan should not contact the bank directly, but rather use a credit intermediary instead. Although there is a direct route via Sigma Kreditbank AG in Liechtenstein, it costs additional money because certified documents have to be submitted. The credit intermediary also has the advantage that there is a so-called preliminary check. If a loan seeker has no chance, the intermediary will not forward the application, so that there are no costs. Nevertheless, the Credit Bureau-free loans, if they come about, are always more expensive than comparable offers from German banks. Firstly, interest rates are higher and secondly, the borrower has to pay a brokerage commission to the credit broker, which is, however, apportioned to the monthly installments. When applying for a loan, the borrowers do not incur any additional costs that must be paid immediately.

Nonetheless, consumers who value low borrowing costs should apply for a loan through a broker without any particular reason. Today everyone can find out about cheap loan offers on corresponding loan comparison portals. A credit broker is only the right partner if Swiss credit without Credit Bureau is the only way to get a loan.

Details on the Swiss instant loan from Liechtenstein

Details on the Swiss instant loan from Liechtenstein

Even today, not every consumer wishing to take out a Swiss loan is aware that this is only a small loan. Sigma Kreditbank AG in Liechtenstein optionally offers German loan seekers 3,500 or 5,000 dollars. This loan has a term of 42 months with 40 installments. Customers are granted a break in payment in the first two months. Borrowers can expect a monthly charge of around $ 100 for a loan of $ 3,500.

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Low rate loan with low rate installments Mon, 20 Apr 2020 07:43:52 +0000

If a loan is taken out, the general conditions have to fit in order to guarantee a full repayment of the borrowed money. On the one hand, this affects the creditworthiness of the borrower, which must allow a loan to be taken out. On the other hand, it is the self-chosen aspects such as the loan amount and, last but not least, the amount of the monthly installments that decide how high the risk of default is and what effort the borrower has to go through to settle the loan.

Many borrowers are too lax about monthly installments and their amounts. You just focus on the loan amount and see that the term is not too long. However, the fact that this can also result in a rate that is so high that there is a risk of failure every month is often neglected. It is only when the loan is repaid and the burden of the installment becomes a problem that many think again and wish for a loan with low installments.

We’ll tell you how to get the low-rate loan right from the start, and the easiest way to calculate the amount of monthly payments.

Why a low rate loan is so important

Why a low rate loan is so important

Think about how many expenses you have each month. Don’t just think about fixed expenses such as rent, insurance, telephone and car. Also think about the many little things that come in between. School books for the children, gifts for the holidays, clothing, a visit to the cinema or theater, a new piece of furniture, a new computer or a smartphone. This list of small and unplanned issues can be continued as desired. Many of these things may be delayed for a while, others need to be implemented quickly. If there is no money available for this due to a high credit burden, you quickly start to skid and have to set priorities. This usually goes so far that savings are made in other corners, bills are only paid later or another loan is taken out. However, all of this is the first step in over-indebtedness that you should definitely avoid.

Therefore, always choose a loan with low rates. Even if this means you are tied to the loan for a little longer and have to take a little more money into your hands due to the monthly interest. In the end, you will benefit from your decision and can easily master the repayment.

What does a loan with low installments look like?

What does a loan with low installments look like?

If you want to take out a loan with low installments, you should first analyze your starting situation. Take a look at your fixed income and income. You should exclude additional services such as Christmas bonus or holiday bonus, bonuses or the like. Only count on the money that you definitely have at your disposal.

Then collect all fixed expenses. Also consider the little things that very often add up to a larger sum. Then plan a fixed amount for unforeseen expenses that should be available every month. Even if this is not called up every month, it should always be available.

Then deduct the expenses from your earnings and see what difference there is. At best, this difference is positive and so large that it can result in monthly installments for a loan with small installments. If so, you should not choose the loan based on the term, but always based on the monthly installment. No matter how high the desired loan amount may be.

By the way: The easiest way to find a loan with small installments is to use a comparison calculator from the Internet for your search. In this you can not only enter the desired loan amount, but also the desired monthly installment. So you save yourself a long search and know immediately where you can take out your desired loan.

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Instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours Sun, 05 Apr 2020 08:11:14 +0000

An instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours is always in demand when loan seekers need the quick money. The only question is, which bank will issue an instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours? German banks are certainly not, because they automatically obtain Credit Bureau from every loan applicant. It is always foreign banks that grant loans without obtaining the Credit Bureau information from the loan applicants.

These banks only check the creditworthiness of customers via the permanent position and the income of the applicants. However, this also means that Credit Bureau-free credit is only something for consumers who can prove that the bank has a regular income that can be attached. In addition, these loans are also about relatively small sums. The instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours is a small loan of either 3,500 or 5,000 dollars. The loan is therefore only for consumers who need money at very short notice, for example to pay an important bill, to replace the defective television or to replace the overdraft facility.

How to get the instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours

How to get the instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours

Loans of this type, which are only granted by foreign banks, can usually not be applied for directly from the bank. If you want to use a loan without Credit Bureau, you should contact a credit broker with your request. The intermediary is in contact with banks abroad that also offer Credit Bureau-free loans. The said loan is then always more expensive than a comparable loan from German banks. This can be explained by the fact that the bank can pay the higher risk through correspondingly high interest rates. In addition, in the case of loans without Credit Bureau, there is an agency fee that borrowers have to pay to the credit intermediary. Overall, consumers who take out an instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours pay significantly more. Therefore, these small, Credit Bureau-free small loans are only conditionally recommended. They are useful when, for certain reasons, there are no other consumer options.

What to consider when choosing a credit intermediary

What to consider when choosing a credit intermediary

When it comes to an instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours, consumers should inform themselves beforehand about various credit brokerage companies. There are many credit intermediaries on the market. Some of them do not work seriously and thus discredit the industry. This can be seen, among other things, from the fact that intermediaries charge the customer advance costs. This means that a loan seeker already pays money without receiving anything in return. Consumers should stay away from such providers, even if the loans promise in difficult cases. There are many reputable credit brokerage companies such as Bon Kredit or Auxmoney, which can arrange an instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours on request, but only charge a commission if the loan is actually paid out.

The placement rate of reputable credit brokers is high, but is far from 100 percent. Many consumers with negative Credit Bureau request a Credit Bureau-free loan, even though they are not creditworthy. Unemployed people, Hartz 4 recipients, the self-employed, freelancers or students and trainees cannot prove any attachable income from a permanent position. But that is the basic requirement for lending.

Those who cannot meet the requirements for should not make every effort to find a credit broker who can still arrange the loan. There are many such promises on the Internet. The advertisement says “We provide credit even in difficult or hopeless cases”. These are often just empty phrases and empty promises. Credit brokers who advertise in this way usually do not really intend to broker a loan to customers. They want to make money with the hardship and despair of consumers and try to sell insurance or home loan contracts to loan seekers. These are intended to serve as security for the loan. However, there is no credit brokerage.

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Instant loan with instant approval without Credit Bureau Wed, 01 Apr 2020 07:41:50 +0000 If an instant loan with an instant approval without Credit Bureau is planned, the consumer will find no way around foreign banks. The foreign banks, specifically Fine Bank in Liechtenstein, grant no-credit loans to German consumers. The Credit Bureau-free credit, which is popular with German consumers, gives people with a negative Credit Bureau who have no chance of obtaining a loan from German banks the opportunity to take out a small loan despite the small defect. Of course, always on the condition that they are able to prove a correspondingly high income from a permanent position. In addition, the instant loan with instant approval without Credit Bureau is also the first choice for loan seekers who want to take out a loan that other banks should not know about the existence of.

A negative entry at Credit Bureau, no matter how negative, does not play a role in Fine Bank in Liechtenstein for lending. Nevertheless, consumers who apply for an instant loan with an instant approval without Credit Bureau must of course prove their creditworthiness to the bank. Because the instant loans without Credit Bureau are small loans, proof of permanent employment with attachable income is sufficient. Without income and permanent employment, lending is also not possible here. Accordingly, consumers who cannot meet these requirements should not strive for an instant loan with an instant approval without Credit Bureau. There are always dubious credit intermediaries who promise consumers loans even in difficult cases, but these are nothing more than empty promises.

Credit Bureau information is deliberately omitted

Credit Bureau information is deliberately omitted

While at German banks both Credit Bureau customer information and their attachable income are relevant for lending, foreign banks alone need regular, attachable income as proof of creditworthiness.

Higher risk – higher interest rates

An instant loan with an instant approval without Credit Bureau, which can best be applied for through a credit agency, is always more expensive than a comparable loan from German banks. Foreign banks can pay the higher credit default risk through higher interest rates. In addition, borrowers must pay the broker a commission for the successful brokering. This commission is not due as a one-off amount. It is apportioned to the monthly installments, so that no additional costs arise for the customer when taking out a loan. When choosing a credit intermediary, consumers should always make sure that the loan offer is created free of charge and without obligation.

For whom loans without Credit Bureau are particularly suitable

For whom loans without Credit Bureau are particularly suitable

Unfortunately, many German consumers take the view that the loan without Credit Bureau is only for people with negative Credit Bureau information who do not get a loan from German banks. It’s not like that. There are already a few good reasons why instant credit with an instant approval without Credit Bureau can also be the first choice for borrowers with good credit ratings. Anyone who wants to keep their Credit Bureau clean as a consumer, because in the near future, for example, real estate financing will have a small loan with the instant loan with immediate approval without Credit Bureau information, which no other bank will find out about. Credit Bureau information is not only obtained for Credit Bureau-free loans. The loan is also not reported to Credit Bureau as a current loan, so that it can run alongside other banks completely unnoticed.

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What are and who makes the financing and loans convenient online Mon, 30 Mar 2020 07:44:41 +0000


Cheaper rate financing – how to find the cheapest loan based on your personal needs

Cheaper rate financing - how to find the cheapest loan based on your personal needs

It is usual to read and / or hear advertisements that “promise” financing & financial loans with cheaper rates on the market. In hindsight, the most convenient phrase has entered normal media communication so as not to be considered as misleading advertising or at least so thinks a judge who rejected an appeal by a consumer who complained that he had accepted the provision of a loan because the bank advertised it as the one with the cheapest rate of the moment, except, later, to find out that it was not so … In the present case, the Judge believed that the consumer should interpret the complaint with the “medium diligence of the good family man” . What about a sentence like that … let’s hope it doesn’t happen to that Magistrate: only in this way, perhaps, will he understand what it means to be taken for a ride! Without this premise, that is to promise the provision of loans at cheaper rates does not constitute a deceptive message, we establish a principle: there is no financing or loan at the cheapest rate (in the singular) ever!

In fact, there are many loans and loans at cheaper rates (in the plural) whose convenience, mainly determined by the taeg (but not in certain cases), varies according to your personal needs, it would be to say what is the motivation behind the financing ? What do you need it for? Let’s make a series of hypotheses.
Personal loans with more convenient taegs : in these, the main parameter to rely on is the taeg; bank or financial loans ? in general, the most convenient financing is that of a bank even if some offer by a financial company cannot be excluded; finalized financing : in this case the “taeg zero” counts for very little as it is enough to get around it simply by increasing the price of the financed asset (eg a motorbike, a bimby type robot, etc.) and goodbye to the convenience praised by the seller;

Cheapest loans and loans online

Cheapest loans and loans online

Cheaper car loans: same as the finalized as it will be enough to increase the final cost of the vehicle to reset the benefit of the rate 0; ditto for photovoltaics; convenient loans for young people : in these, precisely because they are aimed at young people and students in general, you must not only look at the taeg but also the contractual conditions of the loan which could provide for heavy repayment methods; convenient loans for retirees : stay away, where possible, from the transfer of one fifth of the pension as it is normally less advantageous than the common personal loan; finally, are those online or cheaper at the bank’s and / or financial headquarters? In general, online ones are preferable as the network gives the possibility to compare several offers at the same time, keeping in mind, however, what we have read above.

Ultimately, what are and who makes the cheapest loans and loans online ? or how to find the cheapest loan according to your personal needs ? So, we are not aware of who does or what is the most convenient financing as this varies from period to period! While, we can indicate how to find it: the most effective way to find the convenience of a loan is to do an online search that usually lasts a few minutes. An alternative system is to read some specialized forums in which users post what from time to time represents the most convenient financial product of the moment. For some other advice on how to get the cheapest possible loan is how to choose a cheaper loan by

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Internet: the great ally of your personal finances | Personal loans Wed, 04 Mar 2020 09:29:38 +0000

The advances of the Internet allow us to communicate with people around the world, learn new things from the comfort of our home and even work without having to move. But that is not all. The internet is today a great ally in the management of personal finances. These are some of the benefits of the internet that help us have greater financial stability:

• Immediate control

money loan

There are many tools and apps that allow you to monitor your expenses at all times. Thanks to this, it is easier to keep track of the budget in real time without having to wait to see the account statement at the end of the month or check the expense records in a notebook.

• Ease in operations

Before you had to run the day of payment to reach a branch and not be charged interest. The great advantage of the internet is that you can now make payments from the comfort of your home. And you don’t have to be a technology genius. Most of the procedures can be done with a few clicks in a couple of minutes.

• Faster tracking

Another of the great benefits of the internet is the ability to quickly and easily track your operations. Many banks and financial institutions offer their clients 24/7 access to their account statements for free.

• More informed purchases

Thanks to the internet you can compare options and prices without having to leave your home. In this way, you can make much more informed financial decisions.

• Access to personal loans

money loans

Unlike traditional banking, fintech (financial institutions that operate completely online) allow all people, even those who live far from big cities, to have access to personal loans.

• Debt restructuring

money debt

In the case of fintech, customers have the possibility to cover the term of their loan if they cannot pay it on time. Being able to restructure the debt in just a few minutes from a computer or cell phone prevents many customers from falling into default.

• Safe money

Finally, the internet offers many sources of secure financing. While more traditional means, such as pawn shops or lenders, can threaten a person’s financial stability, online personal loans are safe and adapt to the needs of each person.

Now that you know how to get the most out of the internet, what do you expect to request your first online loan with 50% discount? Sign up for Capital lender and enjoy all the benefits of being a Dish subscriber. You just have to complete the online form and present an official identification (IFE or INE). With Capital lender get your loan flown.

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Advise where you can easily borrow money Sat, 29 Feb 2020 09:11:47 +0000

A loan is not really a complicated thing at all, just the Internet and meeting the basic requirements.

You really are in a hurry for a financial injection, this thing just can’t stand the delay. It has to be resolved as soon as the broken refrigerator does not repair itself, the same is true for the car – it is too much at once and the cost of servicing comes to a few thousand. If you don’t have them under your pillow, it certainly doesn’t matter. A non-bank loan is here for you day and night, whenever you remember. Moreover, under fairly favorable conditions, so it would be a shame not to give her a chance?


It will certainly not be difficult

loans,fill up,credit,money

If you do not fully understand the world of the Internet, do not mind! You don’t need to be a trained IT specialist to arrange a loan. In fact, all you have to do is have the basics that everyone who already has a computer or other device that can connect to the Internet in the next few seconds, has long since mastered it. Indeed, today’s non-bank loans are a matter of minutes, attractive interest rates and colorful accessory services. That is why you can arrange the entire loan exactly to your personal needs. If you can’t pay back on time, everything can be postponed for a fee – without unnecessary and really big fines, just for a small fee. And how much can you actually borrow?

  • Up to fifteen thousand dollars for four weeks. Doesn’t this choice really sound interesting?
  • The minimum is grand for seven days. Even such a loan comes in handy, perhaps until the next payday.

A large percentage of applications are approved; You won’t wait a quarter of an hour because the computer is fast, doesn’t make mistakes, and has no fixed working hours – after all, machines can run without interruption, the so-called nonstop. So, they are absolutely reliable!


Money problem? We can easily solve it

money problem

When there is not enough money, there is simply an online loan. It can be done almost immediately, discreetly, without inquisitive glances and gossip. Everything goes literally, but there is no publicity and protecting your data is a top priority for us. Actually, it is necessary to add that we will not even want anything really personal. We don’t care how big the apartment you live in or whether you have a parrot at home. What is important is simply the identification of the applicant and contacts, including the bank account number, which will then be verified. Confirm your income using your account statement as a sole trader to add your last tax return, and the transaction can be made in return. So, in other words, you can still use the requested funds today!




How much can I borrow?

The maximum amount we can lend to you is 15,000 dollars with a maximum maturity of 28 days.

What conditions do I have to meet to get a loan?


  • be self-sufficient and older than 18 years
  • have their own bank account or show the right of disposal of the adult third party bank account
  • have a regular monthly income

How do I register and apply for a new client loan?

1. Complete a simple form
2. Confirm the reading and accept the Loan Agreement
3. We will inform you within 15 minutes whether we have approved or refused your loan

How do I know that the loan has been approved?

Within a few minutes, we will send you an SMS reply to your mobile phone number on whether or not to grant the loan.

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